These are some landscapes that make you say Yum!. Though we don’t usually mix fruits and vegetables, in photography everything is possible. And even if it doesn’t taste good, it makes you want to rethink your eating habits.

Really now, look at these landscapes. Don’t you just get an urge to destroy these peaceful edible landscapes and tear them apart because they look so delicious and healthy?

Foodscapes Tuscany Landscape by Carl Warner

Food Landscapes London Skyline by Carl Warner

Food Landscapes Cart and Balloons by Carl Warner

Food Landscapes Coral by Carl Warner

There is something even for those seeking a more exotic culinary experience.

Food Landscapes Chinese Theme by Carl Warner

And it doesn’t make you want to turn vegetarian (that might be one of the side-effects though) cause lighter rich potassium meat is also on the menu. Did you think this is a vegetarian paradise? Time to rethink your answer…

Food Landscape Harbor by the Sea by Carl Warner

Food Landscapes Salami Mountain by Carl Warner

Food Landscapes Cowboy Valley by Carl Warner

For those with a sweet tooth, don’t worry, a healthy lifestyle does not exclude the occasional sugar escapades. Nevertheless, it’s no wonder there’s just one foodscape with sweets and nine with fresh and healthy food.

Food Landscapes Crockerville by Carl Warner

Photos by Carl Warner from Moillusions