Alice is Wonderland is one of the benchmarks of children’s books. And though not all people have read the book, I can bet that they have seen at least one of the movies. There are tens of them, animated or non-animated, dozens of movies that depict more or less the same story that has enticed us since 1865. And since the 21st century presents itself with the video version of every childhood book, the on screen version of Alice has had and increasing number of admirers.

Out of all the Alices I’ve seen, two of them stuck with me over the years: Tim Burton’s/Disney’s Alice and Nick Willing’s/Hallmark’s Alice. Both movies depict more or less the same story: an undecided Alice that runs away to seek an answer and finds it in the world that’s down a rabbit hole.

However, in the latter Alice didn’t have to slay a dragon or decide whether she was going to marry or not. And this is due to the fact that Tim Burton‘ version of Alice in Wonderland merged both ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and ‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’. Nick Willing’s version is loyal to Lewis Caroll’s book ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ and it’s a very cute and children-suited version of the story which depicts a young and rather naive Alice that is pressured to sing a song.

Alice in Wonderland by Hallmark DVD cover

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Alice in Wonderland by Disney DVD cover

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However different these two Alices may be, they do represent the same character and have similar traits: the keen interest on rabbits in a waistcoat, the reluctance to accept the fact that there is a cookie that makes you grow and a potions that makes you shrink, their curiosity and many more.

Now I face you with a decision; the two most popular Alices probably are these two so I ask you this: which do you like best?

The Nick Willing version

Tina Majorino as Alice in the Hallmark Movie Version

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Martin Short as the Mad Hatter in Hallmark Version of Alice in WonderlandMiranda Richardson as the Queen of Hearts in Hallmark Version of Alice in Wonderland

George Wendt as Tweedle Dee in Hallmark Version of Alice in WonderlandRobbie Coltrane as Tweedle Dum in Hallmark Version of Alice in Wonderland

Whoopi Goldberg as the Cheshire Cat in Hallmark Version of Alice in WonderlandBen Kingsley as Major Catterpillar in Hallmark Version of Alice in Wonderland

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The Tim Burton version

Mia Wasikowska as Alice in Tim Burton Version of Alice in Wonderland

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Now though I know the two movies are depictions of different Lewis Caroll books — Hallmark’s is ‘Alice in Wonderland’ while Tim Burton has ‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’) it’s the way that Alice is portrayed in them that strikes the eye and mind.

I don’t know how I could find out what Lewis Caroll would say about all the versions of Alice in Wonderland, but I can find out what you think about them and which is your favorite, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be one of these two.