Talking about fairy tales reminded me about the time I visited Brussels and I felt as if I was in the story of Hansel and Gretel and the house made out of sweets. Only in this case, it’s not only a house, it’s an entire city.

Every time you turn your head (and sometimes even if you don’t) you’ll see at least some sort of sweet. Remember those special occasion chocolate fountains? Well, I tend to think Brussels is their origin.

This may look like your average street, but it’s actually the lair of sweet temptations. Every candy shop is a head turner, every window laden with quality chocolates, pralines or bonbons that will turn every peep into a gaze.

St. Hubert's Gallery Brussels

Photo from The Pleasure Monger

Confectionery in Brussels

Confectionery in Brussels Closeup

Confectionery in Brussels

If you’re planning on going to Brussels, just make sure you’re on a diet for at least one month before you actually go there. Gaining a couple of pounds in this city is as easy as chocolate. No matter how inexorable you are, after you walk for half an hour on those streets, you will not be able to resist all those appetizing cookies and chocolate.

But I encourage you not to resist since you will be missing out on an orgasm for your taste buds.

Window Display Confectionery in Brussels

Confectionery Window Cakes in Brussels

Manequin Chocolates in Brussels

Sweets in Brussels

Boxes of Biscuits in Brussels

Biscuits in a Brussels Sweets Market

Photos from Lady Peach

Shelves with Pralines in Brussels Sweets Shop

Photo from Defence Debates

You might think that going blindfold through the city is an option. Well, it’s not. Cause your sense of smell will heighten and you will literally be able to taste all these sweets with your nose.  And eventually, they will draw you to them like sirens draw sailors. There can be no victory against that delicious chocolate.