Juzcar Pueblo Pitufo Malaga Spain

Photo from DiarioFemenino

The first smurf village officially exists and it’s called Pueblo Pitufo – which is the literal translation in Spanish. The blue-village is situated in Malaga, a city in the Autonomous Community of Andalusia, Spain and was previously named Júzcar.

Sony, the famous electronics company, chose this Spanish village in order to promote the 3D animation “The Smurfs” which was set to come out in cinemas this summer. So in order to become a genuine Smurfville, the villagers of Júzcar painted their houses in blue, they have a welcome sign with smurfs on it, they posted quite a few smurf statues on the village streets and even the flower pots have painted-smurfs on them.

Moreover, many persons who live in Pueblo Pitufo started wearing blue clothes and white hats which of course flop over at the front, just like the ones worn by the smurfs. Needless to say that visitors are warmly welcomed with all kinds of goodies such as blue candy floss and souvenirs, including toys, mugs, T-shirts, keychains and many more.

If you spent your childhood watching “The Smurfs”, then you’ll love this place. I’m sure that if someday I’ll go on holiday to Spain, this place will definitely be one of the hotspots on my map of places to visit.

Juzcar Pueblo Pitufo Malaga

Photo from manuelfloresv on Flickr

View From The Blue Streets Of Juzcar Spain

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Church From Juzcar Pueblo Pitufo Spain

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The Streets Of Juzcar Pueblo Pitufo Malaga

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Bar From Juzcar Pueblo Pitufo Malaga Spain

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Window Decorated With Smurfs Juzcar Pueblo Pitufo

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Smurf Flower Pot Pueblo Pitufo

Photo from Jose Canorea on Flickr