Feel like going on a holiday in Africa sometime and you’re not the Safari type? Well there’s definitely more to it than that. Sure, some civil wars might break in, slavery is still at high in some parts of Sudan, Mauritania, Nigeria and other places, but you can actually pull it off and have a really good time.

All you actually need to know is the right joints. So here it is, let’s have a tour of the best bars in Africa.

African Bars Cool Bar

Cool bar! Looks like it, sounds like it, well then it must be what is says!

African Bars Bruce Lee

The Bruce Lee. This is the right place to practice moves with your pals and learn how to survive at the bottom of a broken bottle.

African Bars MacGyver

African Bars Gangster's Paradise

African Bars Fabulous

A lot of action going on in these, as you can see. And it’s not only the ambiance that might seduce you, it’s also the profound cultural heritage displayed around these parts of the continent.

The goth niche is by no means neglected in Africa as there are many places to weep and drench in sorrow too:

African Bars Serious Bar

African Bars Best Gloomy House

And although the prices might be high, being served with class requires equal reward. And being classy is of great importance, especially in good old Africa.

African Bars Taliban

African Bars Place Where Good Friends Meet

Photos from dailymindfuck.com

Packing your bags already? I know, this is amazing. Just like a Dr. Alban song.