Jim Denevan Sand Art 4

Artists want to be remembered for their work. Usually, they create permanent pieces which bear their name so that people can recognize and remember them. So which artist would spend effort and creativity into building something that is just temporary?

Fact is that there are plenty of artists out there whose works are not meant to last long, and Jim Denevan is one of them. He uses natural materials to carve and draw large scale drawings either on sand, ice or soil, art which is eventually washed away or erased by weather.

Jim Denevan Sand Art 13

The American artist, who also happens to be a surfer and a chef uses the landscape as his primary material and with the help of only rakes and sticks creates simple geometrical patterns and drawings. Sometimes, to feel the impact of his sand art, it may be necessary to view it as an aerial photography or fromĀ  a considerable distance.

Jim Denevan Sand Art 6

He’s also responsible for two other projects, Outstanding in the field, a movable feast, and the world’s largest artwork, drawn on Baikal Lake in Siberia. It took two weeks for Denevan and his crew to complete the work commissioned by The Anthropologist, the process itself being immortalized in a documentary entitled Art Hard. You can watch the trailer below.

North Carolina beaches have been covered by his simple and gigantic works, which wash away as soon as the tide rises. The artist spends more than 7 hours for a single piece of drawing and he has to speed up while the tide is low. Simplicity, the beauty of the landscape and the temporary aspect of his creations are the things that make his work truly remarkable. Luckily, the artist captures the beautiful result before it disappears, so at least you can enjoy some great aerial photography.

Check out some selections of his work below and let us know what you think. Does this sort of art appeal to you?

Jim Denevan Sand Art 12

Jim Denevan Sand Art 11

Jim Denevan Sand Art 10

Jim Denevan Sand Art 8


Jim Denevan Sand Art 3

Jim Denevan Sand Art 5

Jim Denevan Sand Art 7

Jim Denevan Sand Art 9

Jim Denevan Sand Art 1

Jim Denevan Sand Art 2

Photo credits: Jim Denevan.