In the world of UK artists, art seems to revolve around books. Jonathan Callan is one of them. His art distinguished itself from the others because he uses books to create heterogeneous sculptures. Yet, they are fluid and homogeneous since they are made out of books that go through thick and thin to contort and pleasure our eyes. They’re the perfect oxymoron: different shapes and sizes fitting in one sculpture.

Jonathan Callan Contorted Books

Photo from tbpdesign

Jonathan Callan Pulp Fiction Sculpture 3

Jonathan Callan Pulp Fiction Sculpture 5

Jonathan Callan Pulp Fiction Sculpture 4

And sometimes acrylics are involved to enhance the visuals. But most of the times, that’s not necessary.

Jonathan Callan Pulp Fiction Sculpture 2

Jonathan Callan Pulp Fiction

I don’t know about you but honestly, I’d consider taking one of these mushes of books. And despite my love for books, I wouldn’t try to tear it apart and level them. But if my life depended on creating one of these sculptures out of my personal library, I wouldn’t have the heart to sacrifice them.

Photos from Artstormer