Huge fan of sports and/or technology? It doesn’t really matter because now you can mix both of them. The “Zero-G Sports Levitating Balls” are some really cool gadgets that mix both sports and technology. These anti-gravity sports balls seem to float mysteriously in mid-air, above their mini-fields, but this levitation is possible due to electronically induced magnetism.

Because of their dynamic design, the Zero-G Sports will look great in almost any setting and most specifically, on any desk. These are really great reminders of your (or other people’s) favorite sports team, a special game or match and why not, a special holiday. Also, these floating balls are really useful in case you’re searching for a special gift and you ran out of ideas or if you just can’t find something interesting enough. It’s as great for kids as it is for adults and definitely a must for the sports or tech enthusiasts!

Levitating Desk Ball Baseball

Photo from SmartHome

Golf Ball Floating Above A Mini Pitch

Levitating Desk Ball Golf

Photo from SmartHome

Baseball Floating Above A Mini Base

Levitating Desk Ball Golf

Photo from ScienceToyStore

Basketball Ball Floating Above A Mini Court

Levitating Desk Ball Basketball

Photo from eBay

Soccer Ball Floating Above A Mini Field

Levitating Desk Ball Football

Photo from eBay