Traveling has never been easier. And neither has student life. Nowadays you can literally fit an entire room into a box. Does wonders for packing. Not to mention moving. If you’re living a student’s life, constantly moving this is one of the best options on the market.

Also known as the collapsible room or architectural furniture, this little box designed by Marcel Krings and Sebastian Mühlhäuser has a very good notoriety due to it’s uniqueness, portability and efficiency. Based on the same principle as Matryoshka dolls, the pieces comprising this furniture fit perfectly one into another.

Basically you turn this

Casulo - The box

into this

Room in a Box- Complete Design

Pretty good, huh?! How does it happen? See for yourselves.

Casulo - Stage 1

Casulo - Stage 2

Casulo - Stage 3

Casulo - Stage 4

Casulo - Stage 5

Casulo - Stage 6

Casulo - Stage 7

Casulo - Stage 8

Casulo - Stage 9

Casulo - Stage 10

Casulo - Stage 11

Casulo - Stage 12

Casulo - Stage 13

Casulo - Stage 14

Casulo - Stage 15

Casulo - Stage 16

Casulo - Stage 17

Photos from Mein- Casulo

I’m not sure about how much weight these things can handle but I’d go for one of those. Really I would. If you find the images somehow unrevealing, maybe this video could shed some light into the matter.