Some people say they work well under pressure. Some people work very well under pressure. Truth be told, people actually work under stressful conditions. So why not take advantage of it? If stress is the new productive, why not have a productive day every day? Here’s 7 easy steps on how to do that:

1. The frenzy of change

Change your apartment. Change your job. Change your apartment and your job. Change your partner. Change your apartment, your job and your partner. If you can, change them all the time.

7 Ways To Have a More Productive Day Run

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2. All hail caffeine

Drink as much coffee and tea as you can. They will help you extort several hours out of every day.

7 Ways to Have a More Productive Day Coffee Time

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3. The most important decision

When you wake up, make up your mind not to smile that day.

7 Ways to Have a More Productive Day No Smiling Day

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4. The inspiring place

Visit a loud place in your town on a regular basis. Pollution’s in the air and people are frowning and tense. If you don’t live in a town that’s crowded enough, cause a traffic jam and let people honk and yell at you. Take in the stress.

7 Ways to Have a More Productive Day Crowded street

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5. Use your spare time

Use your spare time wisely. Avoid holidays. Leave no minute of your life unoccupied. Get a second job. If you already have one, get a third job.

7 Ways to Have a More Productive Day The third job

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6. Do everything

Remind yourself that all the people around you are so incompetent that you have to do even the humblest of jobs. Put in maximum effort into the smallest of tasks.

7 Ways to Have a More Productive Day Doing chores

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 7. The best way to start the day

Wake up every morning thinking that it’s Monday morning. This will certainly pave the chances for that heart attack you always wanted.

7 Ways to Have a More Productive Day Monday morningPhoto from Gluearts

Conclusions? You draw them…

Regardless of what people say whatever they want, try to work in your stride. Don’t trick yourself into believing that you work well under pressure. That’s just an excuse for procrastinating. Take everything in due time, organize yourself better and you’ll be miles away from that heart attack.