Freddie Mercury

Photo from Of ribbons and roses

On the 24th of November 20 years will have passed since Freddie Mercury passed away. However, people have found it more gratifying to celebrate 65 years from his birth on the 5th of September. If you set aside all these dates and celebrations, you can’t stop but think about how music is perceived and appreciated over time.

It comes as no surprise that people are still hooked on his music. Some artists needs a proper introduction. Some artists let their music speak for them and Freddie Mercury is one of these artists. Try to listen to a few songs and remember how good it still is, how he actually managed to live forever through his music.

Freedom, love, friendship, fame, ghosts of the past were all inspiration for the music that rocked the world.

But as Queen says, the show must go on. And it will for a long time, with many Queen cover songs played by various artists including P!nk , Katy Perry or Green Day.

But you have to admit… Freddie Mercury was the ultimate champion.

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