When someone says “coffee and toast” you probably think of breakfast, right? Well some people decided to use these items in a definitely more creative way. They put together loads of coffee cups or toasted slices of bread resulting some pretty impressive portraits of painted-characters, celebrities and other people. After taking a look at the images below you’ll probably end up wondering, like I did, how they managed to do it without drinking the coffee or sneakily eating the toast.

In Australia a huge portrait of the Mona Lisa was created using 3.604 cups of coffee and 564 pints of milk for coloring. This portrait measures 20 feet high (~6 m) and 13 feet wide (~4 m). In order for this “painting” to be done, a team of eight people took three hours to complete it. That’s quite something if you think that it’s so easy to spill the coffee and ruin the artwork.

 The famous Mona Lisa painting made from 3.604 coffee cups.

Monalisa Coffee Portrait

Photo from Empidog-Empidog.

Close-up of some of the coffee cups used for the Mona Lisa portrait

Monalisa Coffee Art CupsPhoto from Soleminer

Mona Lisa, also known as La Gioconda, was made out of toast bread as well. For this piece of art created in Italy, English toast artist Laura Hadland used 10.080 slices of bread. In the end the portrait measured 9 m by 11.2 m. Isn’t that impressive?

Mona Lisa mosaic made of toast by Laura Hadland in Italy

Photo from Onet.

Henry Hargreaves with the help of Angela Barrow and Osvaldo Ponton used toast in order to create celebrity portraits and it seems that he did a great job. These portraits are quite realistic.

Toast portraits by Henry Hargreaves

Che Guevara

Che Guevara Toast Portrait by Henry Hargreaves

Photo from HenryHargreaves.

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe Toast Portrait by Henry Hargreaves

Photo from HenryHargreaves.

Jim Morrison

Jim Morrison Toast Portrait by Henry Hargreaves

Photo from HenryHargreaves.

27-year-old museum curator, Laura Hadland wanted to surprise her mother-in-law on her 50th birthday and decided to turn a photo of her into the world’s largest toast portrait, using 9.852 slices of bread. These slices have been toasted continuously for over six hours then carefully arranged in their place, resulting a gigantic portrait, measuring 32ft 8ins (~10 m) by 42ft 3ins (~13 m).

World’s largest toast portrait recreating Laura Hadland’s mother-in-law portrait

Worlds Largest Toast Portrait

Photo from SomethinAmazing.

View from above that reveals the huge size of the toast-portrait

Worlds Largest Toast Portrait

Photo from SomethinAmazing.

What do you think about these portraits?