From weddings and costumes, to tattoos and graffiti, cupcakes invaded our world and made it more colorful and peaceful. Girls wear jewellery inspired by them, designers dedicate collections to them, artists around the globe create art around them…cupcakes, who doesn’t love them?

Even if you try to educate yourself for becoming more food-aware, I am sure that this tasty desert will turn the most convinced dietician into a  sinner.

For a lovely morning, enjoy the beautiful and sweet designs inspired by cupcakes, around the world.

Cupcakes Comics

There is a virtual war between cupcakes and muffins, creating a hole industry of t-shirts, bags and cups stating rough remarks like the ones bellow.

Muffins vs cupcakes

Photo by Joealition on deviantArt.

Cupcakes Tattoos

What can be missing out of a hot girl’s skin? Of course, the cupcakes tattoos. I don’t judge here why people get tattooed and why they choose a certain topic, but I let you decide, cool and sweet or not quite?

Inspired by Cupcakes - cupcakes tattoos

Cupcakes tattoos collection from Tattoos and Art.

Cupcakes Nail Art

I never imagined to see this, but trust me, there are a bunch of ladies that spend hours creating this frosty sweet designs for their nails.

Inspired by cupcakes - cupcakes nail art

Photo 1 from Oh Cupcakes , Photo 2&3 from Luuux.

Cupcakes Street Art

Street art is not only violent and political, bellow you can find an idea for reviving and inspiring some gray cities. Do you think this a good theme for street art manifestations or this representation is totally meaningless?

Cupcakes street art

Photo by Smoobs on Flickr.

Cupcakes Jewellery

My favorite cupcakes inspired designs are the ones for jewellery. Wearing such necklaces says about the owner that she is still a kid inside, but also a fashionista with a worthy situation.Tiny Hands Cupcake Necklage

Photo from Tiny Hands.

What other art-food-manifestation triggered your attention?

Until next time, remember :

Keep calm and eat cupcakes

Photo by Amelia Wells on Flickr.