One thing that we’ve learned from movies, is that you can’t go through a break up without crashing on your couch for weeks (or moths) surrounded by pizza leftovers, chocolate wrapping, dirty clothes and empty alcohol bottles.

Just imagine yourself: you’re watching TV, holding an ice-cream bucket on your lap, a spoon in your right hand and the remote control in the left one. Something’s missing, isn’t it? Well of course! The depressing break up songs that you keep humming over and over again! Sometime soon you’ll reach the I hate your guts or the I will survive stage, but don’t worry, there are break up songs for every┬ábreak up phase you’re in.

Here are 10 break up songs that will either make you feel better or a whole lot worse! Enjoy them wisely!

10. Better Than Me – Hinder

Don’t you ever wonder who’s responsible for the You never know what you have until it’s gone! quote that keeps getting thrown in your face?

9. Fuck It! (I Don’t Want You Back) – Eamon

Most of the times, relationships don’t have the happy ending that we wanted and that’s why for some people the healing process is based on expressing their anger. This is how Eamon did it!

8. Hit the Road Jack – Ray Charles

A classic, ‘Hit The Road Jack’ catches the essence of the endless mind games that men and women play when it comes to love.

7. Tyrone – Erykah Badu

Ladies, we all know that Badu is speaking for all of us. We all have a Tyrone in our life, don’t be afraid to remind your man about him (just like Badu does).

6. Take a Bow – Rihanna

Who doesn’t want a faithful lover? When your love life is filled with drama, cheap lies and it’s all starting to feel like a soap opera, it’s time to ask your partner to take a bow and leave the set.

5. The Winner Takes It All – ABBA

There are times when you have to fight for love, but we all know how love can be a losing game…

4. I Learned from the Best – Whitney Houston

Having your heart broken is tough and sometimes outsmarting the teacher might be the only way of making sure that you learned your lesson.

3. Don’t Speak – No Doubt

When words can be used as weapons, it’s better to leave them unspoken.

2. In My Veins – Andrew Belle

There are times when you miss your ex so much that it literally hurts. How can you forget someone when their secrets are buried underneath your skin?

1. We Better Break It Up – Maroon 5

Do you remember how it felt like when you woke up in the morning and realized that you’re no longer in love with the┬áperson sleeping next to you?

Have you ever had a bad break up? What other song made you feel better about it?

Featured photo by Joe Brown on Flickr.