Cats are incredibly smart, there’s no doubt about it. Sometimes maybe suspiciously smart. They surprise us with their choices and decisions because as we know, you can’t actually teach a cat things if your cat’s not on board with your teachings. But cats can make decisions on their own; for instance, they can choose their hobbies simply because they like doing different activities or because they’re trying to convince you to take up something new. Here are 4 examples of popular extra curriculars for cats:

 1. Start a career in public speaking

Cats can be good public speakers, can’t they? I bet they envy us because we can articulate words. But just because they can’t talk doesn’t mean they can’t try. Though they might have stage fright as well…

2. Turn into a trust fund

Or a piggy bank. Or an accountant. No, this is just your cat telling you that if you want to have some money to buy that car you always wanted, you ought to start now. And if you won’t do it, your cat’ll take care of it.

3. Play the piano

Some people don’t know how to do that. Apparently, cats got to the piano first and they started playing it. Your cat might be trying to create a relaxing ambiance for you.

4. Take up swimming

Maybe because they’ve had enough of everyone making fun of the fact that they can’t do it. Or maybe they’re just trying to impress you and convince you they’re every bit as good as a dog.

Featured image by Iurii Ogiienko on Flickr.