Sarcastic jokes about Earth being destroyed by mankind have been and still are all over the internet and not only. We seem to harm our planet and then we start joking about it. Some of these jokes are good, some are catchy and some are…well…stupid. Nevertheless they seem to spread quite fast. But in the end all of them have a sad background.

We all know that due to modernism, the way things evolve nowadays can do nothing but slowly destroy our environment. While you take a moment and think about the repercussions of your actions, enjoy these illustrated jokes about mankind and Earth.

This funny illustration showing a discussion between Earth and Moon has been going viral over the internet lately:

Humanity And Earth Funny Illustration

Photo from 9GAG.

Mass Extinction Earth Moon Joke

Photo by Baloo from FR.ToonPool.

Im With Stupid Joke

Photo from T-Man2809.

Save Earth Failwhale

Photo from ChethStudios.

Save The Earth

Photo from 4eva.tumblr.

The reasons for which you should “Save the Earth” are irrelevant as long as we don’t get to this:

Earth Hour Poster

Photo from lelucio.tumblr.