If you want to stay ahead of the crowd this Fall and make sure you look great, then the time has come to update your wardrobe. Here are three of the top trends this season which no fashionista will want to be seen without.

Color Blocking

This trend was a big hit during the summer months, and one that’s not going anywhere fast. Fortunately, it’s one of the easier trends to wear – simply choose bright or bold colors, and wear them in block styles. Throw out your waist-cinching belts or striped designs; this look is all about keeping the contrast high, and the cut simple. This trend is ideal for anyone who wants to avoid wearing dark, wintery colors for as long as possible.

The Parka Jacket

Autumn Fall 2011 Trends Parka Trends

Another trend making a welcome return this year is the parka jacket. In fact, this style of coat has been popular for years, but it’s set to become THE must-have jacket over the next few months. This means that you no longer have to spend rainy days sat at home watching movies or playing online games of party poker – get out there and show off the latest look in fashion-forward outdoor wear. Look out for those which fur-trimmed hoods, which are also very much on trend.

Platform Shoes

Ever wished you were just that little bit taller? Well, this season, you can be, with platform shoes hitting catwalks all over the role. From boots to brogues, everything this seasons comes with a platform – perfect for elongating your look with that little bit of extra height. If you want to make sure you’re wearing this hottest shoes this season, then stick to this one simply rule and you can’t go wrong.

Photo credit: thisfashionismine.blogspot.