Flip charts. Blackboards. Post its. Agendas. Schedules. Whiteboards.

Forget all these things.

There is a new way to be organized, a new way to constantly see all your ideas. You don’t even have to click anything. It’s called IdeaPaint. You can apply it to any surface you want to write on. You can paint an entire wall with this special paint and then start writing. There’s no need to be confined to a chart, blackboard or notebook. You can write on anything and erase it when you’ll need it again.

It’s not just for offices or for brainstorming sessions. Imagine classrooms where you could leave everything on the walls and on desks. It might sound chaotic but it’s actually not. Some people are more likely to remember something they see all the time. If you manage to keep yourselves organized, then it’s a really good idea. Yesterday’s lesson’s on the wall, last week’s brainstorming ideas are on another one and right next to is your newly created graffiti masterpiece.

And it even comes along with Evernote. You can photograph the ideas on the wall (or any other surface) and Evernote will recognize them for you and even add them as notes.

Pretty good, right? When tired, erase and get your wall back.

Featured photo by Patrick Quinn-Graham on Flickr.