On September 24, Nirvana fans from all around the world celebrated 20 years from the release of Nirvana’s second and most famous album studio, ‘Nevermind’. The album that gave us ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ and ‘Come as You Are’, the two songs that a high majority of Nirvana enthusiasts claim are their favorites from the band’s discography.

Although ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit‘ is considered Nirvana’s biggest hit and one of the greatest rock songs of all time, the band did record a few other tunes that should deserve our attention. Below you have a list of 10 Nirvana songs that are even today underrated, in my opinion.

Scentless Apprentice (‘In Utero’)


Please note the drums, although the yelling may distract you attention. From ‘In Utero’.

Aneurysm (‘Incesticide’)


A lot of people believe ‘Incesticide’ was a release with songs that weren’t good enough for ‘Nevermind’. I don’t agree. Many of the songs show the early roots of the band. This song was actually composed by all three members of Nirvana, in contrast to the majority of the group’s songs which were composed by frontman Kurt Cobain.

Drain You (‘Nevermind’)


This is one of my favorite Nirvana songs. How can this tune not give you goosebumps? The guitar is flawless and the drums are so powerful. The lyrics aren’t bad either.

Sliver (‘Incesticide’)

Everett True, a British music journalist, said it better than I could ever do: ‘Sure, the vocals are lazily throat splitting, the guitars belligerently grungy, the bass up and out of place . . . but check the melodies, damn fools, check the melodies. The only reason this isn’t ‘Single Of The Week’ is because three even mightier singles were released this week.’

Lounge Act (‘Nevermind’)


Awesome bass line. Nuff said.

Blew¬† (‘Bleach’)


Dirty sounding drums and heavy bass: an instant Nirvana classic!

About a girl (‘Bleach’)


The most melodic song from Nirvana’s first album. It’s also an unbelievably catchy and poppy song for a grunge band.

Polly (‘Nevermind’)


This song was originally titled ‘Hitchhiker’, and Cobain wrote it after reading a newspaper article about the abduction, torture, and rape of a 14 year old girl. It’s a gentle, morbid tune, which offers a nice contrast to the rest of the album.

Lithium (‘Nevermind’)


The ‘Yeah yeah yeah’ chorus really does the trick in this case. I love the way the band switches from the loud sections of the song to more quiet ones.

Been a Son (‘Incesticide’)

The lyrics aren’t so… stimulating, but the rhythm is great, in my opinion.

Which is your favorite underrated Nirvana song? Do you think out list is incomplete? Don’t be shy and let us know!

Featured image by Brian Wright from Flickr.