You might have stumbled upon one of Casey Ford Alexander’s videos for Adele’s most compelling songs. You might have even thought they were the official videos. That’s how good they are. The video for “Someone like you” reached 3 million views on You Tube and still counting, the one for “Rolling in the deep” following closely.

These are all episodes of a 5-part project of LA based director Casey Ford Alexander. Instead of using dialogue “Someone like you” shares the story of  a 7 year old relationship through Facebook updates and statuses. Not only that, the videos were made to be watched ON Facebook, says the director:

The video, by design, disappears into the mini-feed (and the video site interface), and then quickly presents information in the same way that a Facebook pop-up or Twitter Feed would.

Can you believe the budget for this video was only  $150?

The video is not official. I wrote the treatment in five minutes after listening to the song for the first time a few months ago, yet immediately realized that I only had 5 mins to tell an (understatedly) dynamic, verisimile, multi-location 7 year history that I created, and a low/no ($150) budget. And also, that a wider audience would have to relate to an abnormal history… People believe Facebook. They relate through it, and literally, through its interface. On film, Facebook can move someone: emotionally, relocate them, and/or show where they are/were/are going. Hence, I visually stitched movement and dance with status updates. — Casey Ford Alexander, director

Featured image by Arjun Jain.