Heidi-Klum most dangerous celebrity on the internetPhoto by Doctor Hyde on Flickr.

The Internet Security Company, McAfee, named the famous German supermodel as this year’s most dangerous celebrity in cyberspace. Apparently, if you Google her name you have almost a 10% chance of landing on a malicious site. On the second place came Cameron Diaz, who was last year’s most dangerous celebrity and on third, the British talk-show host, Piers Morgan, who’s also the most dangerous male celebrity.

Mila-Kunis most dangerous celebrity on the internetPhoto by Nick Slide on Flickr.

On forth came Jessica Biel and Katherine Heigl rounded up the top five. Next on the list there are also Friends With BenefitsMila Kunis, True Blood’s Anna Paquin, supermodel Adriana Lima, and actors Brad Pitt, Emma Stone and Rachel McAdams.

Justin-Bieber most dangerous celebrity on the internetPhoto by jake.auzzie on Flickr.

This is the fifth annual list that McAfee published and this year the most famous music and sport’s stars were much lower on the list then previous years. Not even the Bieber Fever wasn’t that contagious for the cybercriminals, since Justin Bieber only came on the 49th place. Despite the craziness surrounding Charlie Sheen the past months, he turned out to be one of the safest celebrities on the Internet ranking on the 59th place, with a risk of less than 3 percents.

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