The best love songs aren’t always the ones played by top of the charts bands and artists. Some keep a lower profile when it comes to their songs and though they may not receive the credit they deserve for those love songs. Here are four of those songs that, in this blogger’s opinion, deserve more credit.

Magnetic Fields – The Book of Love

I honestly do prefer it to Peter Gabriel’s cover cause it’s more tranquil and more compelling. And it speaks the truth: not one love is unique regardless of much we’d like to play make believe that it is. You might think it’s an insensitive remark, but really now, isn’t it the true beauty of it? We don’t do anything new but we keep on doing it. Despite it, this awareness never prevented anyone from enjoying their love stories.

Mark Sandman – Cocoon

This one actually reminds me of a nobby burrow. It’s one of those songs that will get you in a daydreaming state, if you take the time and listen to it. It never fails to deliver a very unique feeling of intimacy.

Art of Noise – Moments in Love

Sometimes, you don’t really need words to say everything. Because a glance at your lover and you already know everything. So just enjoy the music, the state and few lyrics.

Bliss – Wish You Were Here

If you really miss someone, then this last one is probably the one that will touch you most. This is one of the songs that could be left without a description. The lyrics are poetic and a sense of depth manages to take over you and place the mental picture of the one you care for most right in front of your eyes.

Featured photo from Fey IIyas on Flickr.