LOLcats always seem to fool around bringing up funny or ironical jokes. They usually ‘say’ the silliest or funniest of things but lately it seems that LOLcats settled down and rumor has it they are great housewives or…cleaning ladies. If you don’t believe me, take a look at these pictures which prove that they can also be down to earth and hard-working.

I present you the new and improved house-cat:

House Cat Washing The Dishes

House Cat Cleaning The Bathroom

House Cat Wiping The Dust

House Cat Pouring Tea

House Cat Cleaning The Windows

House Cat Using The Washing Machine

House Cat Doing The Laundry

House Cat Ironing

House Cat Making The Bed

House Cat Watering The Flowers

Photos via Tumblr 1 2 3.

I’m sure all of you want to have a pet like this, after all, who wouldn’t want a helping paw around the house?