There are those days when you simply want to pull out your hair just because you’re having an unproductive day or because you didn’t manage your time very well and you have many deadlines approaching. And you resort to certain inefficient stress-relievers (pacing up and down, smoking or just plain yelling). Yet you could try replacing them with a more artistic vice that also has results: music.

We usually listen to those songs that we feel could empower us. But that’s one of the mistakes. When we’re angry we don’t need some aggressive lyrics (I’m not saying this is always the case) or pump-up music. We only need to recollect our tranquility, or to gain it. This is why classical music is preferred to music with lyrics and soothing to aggressive.

If you didn’t have the chance to wake up thinking that today is going to be a great day, turn your day around with a song.

Take 5 from time to time, allow yourself to breathe. At least for a 5 minute song.

Patience is golden. Stress is never the answer. So take one thing at a time, be patient and you’ll see things will work out.

We tend to overrun ourselves just like some people force their cars. But the hearts wants what the heart wants.

Never forget what’s probably the song that can pull you out of any mood and throw you into the hands of nostalgia.

Maybe you didn’t have the time to go to that exotic place you’ve always wanted, but if you use your imagination, you could easily find yourself living it.

Remember, always look on the bright side of things. Don’t shoot yourself  in the leg (mentally) and nurture that stressful side in you. Listen to some music, clear your mind and only after you disconnected.

Featured photo from stop-stress-sos