Amateur bands are most of the time covering classics that have marked their childhood. And it’s just so difficult not to fail unless you’re a great musician, so if they don’t put up a great performance, that’s all right. But when they completely butcher the song and it hurts your ears, well, then they’re entitled for a spot in the “Worst Performance Ever” contest.

These guy’s complete lack of passion and especially the vocalist’s perseverance in singing in a key of his own make the video a YouTube Worsts Classic. But there’s much more to it than just videos already having millions of views.

“the singer obviously is in pain”

a high-rated YouTube comment that tells the story right.

Had Miley Cyrus not been accompanied by well paid musicians to help her cover this song, her performance would’ve been here instead of these kids’.

This is pure failure and possibly the best (worst) of the batch on so many levels. I am surprised that it doesn’t have more views, it’s millions worthy.

“If This Song Was a Car Ride. 0:13 the wheels fall off… 0:40 The smoke machine becomes the bands new star 0:43 The skid down hill starts 0:58 I think we just hit a tree…. 1:06 Bass player is happy to be standing on the bus behind the leads guitar, so no one sees her/him 1:11 dude on left documents the fail 1:30: rock just broke the gas tank 2:04 Well a spark it the gas and we have horrifically burst into flames. 3:06 There were no survivors…. and we killed a deer.”

“Its the national anthem of Auschwitz”

It actually sounds exactly like it.

Poor Denise, sometimes being loved is such a burden.

A Mac computer and a chick MC with an attitude, sounds about right for modern music, doesn’t it? Then why does it feel so wrong?

I take it most of these bands are followers without their will of the late 60s all-girl band called The Shaggs. Ever heard what they sound like?

You can realize just how much of a troll Kurt Cobain was, since he put their album as #5 in his top 50 favorite albums, ahead of Sonic Youth, Sex Pistols or The Clash. And unfortunately, how many people took him seriously.

Featured image from beatpatrol