Yes, you know Tom Waits, the friendliest embodying of Satan on Earth. Raspy voice, boozed up and covered in smoke in some obscure bar. Giving the impression of music played on a worn-keys piano, yet still managing to sound like the classiest piece of jazz you’ve ever wanted to encounter on a drunk evening.

But besides making really good music to drink to, Tom Waits also has an inclination towards rainy days. Nostalgia and melancholy-inducing rain, borderline on self-pity, well, not many artists can portray this in music as well as he does. So when life gives you some drizzle, Tom Waits gives you 6 songs about rain:

If you wanna go all in, I’d recommend Rain Dogs or Swordfishtrombones, both of them great albums for a rainy day. Or for any day, for that matter. And if you’re wondering how the Tom Waits singing machinery works, here’s one of the possible explanations:

Visible Tom Waits Rain Satan

Photo from jimlockeydrawings on Tumblr.

Featured image from ninasaurusrex on Flickr.