Lesson No.1: Never mess with mama’s baby! If animal mothers could talk they would definitely scream: “Get your paws off my baby!” in situations like the ones presented below. And as if their menacing growls wouldn’t be enough to scare away the attackers, they don’t waste a single second when their babies are in danger. It’s fascinating to see how they immediately take action in order to save their precious ones. These pictures speak for themselves:

Mother Leopard Loving Her Baby

Photo from Tambako the Jaguar on Flickr

In India, an injured baby-monkey was captured lying helpless in the middle of the street, while a stray dog was heading straight towards him. In that moment the little monkey’s mother came out of nowhere to rescue her baby. She bravely pushed the hungry dog away from her cub and took him to a safe place.

Stray Dog Attacking The Baby Monkey

The Stray Dog Running Away

Mother Protecting Her Baby

Photos from Orderxiii

As you can see from these pictures, a dog captured a baby squirrel while the mother stares in shock. Then she immediately climbs down the tree and attacks the dog, scratching and biting him, in order to rescue her helpless baby. When the dog releases the tiny squirrel, both mother and baby climb up the tree where they are safe.

Dog Attacking Baby Squirrel

Mother Squirrel Attacking Dog

Mother And Baby Squirrel Climbing Tree Safely

Photos from Orderxiii

There’s nothing in this world like a mother ‘s love for her babies. Truth is, nowadays, more than machinery we need humanity. Maybe we should stop for a moment and learn from these beautiful animal mothers how to treat our loved ones.

Mother Gorilla Tenderly Holding Baby

Photo from mape_s on Flickr