To pamper themselves, people go to spas, travel or buy luxurious houses, expensive cars and brand clothes. But what can you do to make your four legged friend feel the same comfort?

Take Your Dog a Picture All Day, Every Day

If you love your dog and cherish every moment of his life, why wouldn’t you immortalize those moments by taking a picture of him every day? Dog pictures are always funny.

Buy Your Dog Outrageous Clothes

Do you think people are the only ones who love fashion? Guess again. If you want your dog to be as trendy as you, dress him in the cutest designer outfits. I guarantee the sexy collie across the street will start to notice him. You can also try to organize a canine fashion show. If your dog doesn’t feel comfortable in the colorful and stylish clothes, don’t force him. Not everyone is born with style.

Throw a Birthday Party

Dog Cake Tips on How to spoil your dog

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The best way to celebrate the day that your dog came into this world or into your home is to organize an elaborate birthday party so that your dog would feel special. You can choose a theme (Scooby Doo, for example), invite all your dog’s best friends, bake some treats and gift wrap some bones. But, don’t fell so sad your puppy isn’t a puppy anymore.

Give Your Dog A Little Bling

You can make your doggie feel special by buying him some flashy jewelry. How can he be cool in the hood without some bling bling? He will love it as much as you love your square cut diamond earrings or luxury watch. Be sure to walk him around the neighborhood so that he can show off his new collar.

A Vacation From the Dog Life

People choose vacations to relax and your dog needs to get out of the routine from his home too, so you better bring him with you. Use sites like to see what hotels are pet friendly and what dog attractions and accommodations are in each town. As long as you’re there, sign up your dog for a spa for grooming. A pawdicure and mud baths is probably what he really needs.

Bake Some Homemade Treats

Homemade pet food tips on how to spoil your dog

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I bet you want your dog to grow healthy and strong and for that, he must eat the best food there is, the one made by your own hand. You can start with recipes like Liver Treats, Oatmeal Cookies, Veggie Bones, Peanut Butter Brownies or Chicken and Garlic Biscuits. I guarantee you, your dog will lick his paws and love you more.

Bake Your Dog a Homemade Treat Tips to Spoil Your Dog

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How do you spoil your dog?