Nowadays you can fit an entire room in a box. If you can pack a bedroom in one, apparently some people found a way to fit a kitchen, a study and a mini bedroom in 3 boxes. Others just made furniture with multiple usages.

It’s the ideal way to travel around, hunting for better rent. If Casulo packs itself up and disassembles, this is a different type of packing furniture. It doesn’t fold, it just closes up like a book or just. So pack up and travel suitcases, and move around. The boxes might be larger, but they are still worth it.

Collapsible Room- Kitchen, Study and Bedroom

Photo from decoracion.facilisimo

On the same principle of saving space, others have developed multifunctional furniture. You can make a chair, a sofa or a wall decoration, depending on your mood and needs. Which will it be today?

Decorations or chairs?

Transforming Furniture- Decorations into Chairs

Couch or bed?

Transforming Furniture- Sofa into Bed

Sofa or armchair?

Transforming Furniture- Sofa into Chair

Table or bench?

Transforming Furniture Table into Couch

Photos from donkeydesignblog

Would you invest in such furniture? Sure it’s probably not very stylish, but could you sacrifice style for an easier way out of the apartment?