Carving pumpkins for Halloween is always a challenge if you want to stand out. Typical Halloween-themed carvings like the classical Jack O’Latern, are pretty much outdated, so why not try something new for this year’s “spooky-celebration”?

Here are 18 amazing pumpkin-carvings to get you inspired:

Troll Face Pumpkin Carving

Troll Face Halloween Pumpkin by amita eppes

Photo by Amita-Eppes on deviantART

Pumpkin Before Christmas

Jack Skellington Halloween Pumpkin Carving by l-eh

Photo by l-eh on deviantART

Vampire Pumpkin Carving

Vampire Halloween Pumpkin by bellsandy

by bellsandy on deviantART


Oogieboogie Halloween Pumpkin by Dexgreen

by DexGreen on deviantART

“How To Train Your Dragon” Pumpkin Carving

Dragon Halloween Pumpkin by Nemesis-19

by Nemesis-19 on deviantART

“The Joker” Pumpkin Carving

The Joker Halloween Pumpkin by Guinness2

Photo by guinness2 on deviantART

“Abduction” Pumpkin Carving

Halloween Pumpkin Alien Abduction by FordGT

Photo by FordGT on deviantART

“StarCraft II” Pumpkin Carving

Tassadar Halloween Pumpkin

Photo from starcraft2

“Forest Cottage” Pumpkin Carving

Forest Cottage Pumpkin Carving by MasterpieceLost

Photo by MasterpieceLost on deviantART

Bat Pumpkin Carving

Halloween Pumpkin by unfoundfemale990

Photo by unfoundfemale990 on deviantART

“Scary Face” Pumpkin Carving

Scary Halloween Pumpkin by TitanaCrotu

Photo by TitanaCrotu on deviantART

Cat Pumpkin Carving

Cat Halloween Pumpkin by WxMom

Photo by WxMom on Flickr

Werewolf Pumpkin Carving

Werewolf Halloween Pumpkin Carving by TRIUMPHSIX

Photo by TRIUMPHSIX on Flickr

Owl Pumpkin Carving

Owl Halloween Pumpkin by vtgard

Photo by vtgard on Flickr

Freddy Krueger Pumpkin Carving

Zombie Halloween Pumpkin Carving by carnagevisors

Photo by carnagevisors on Flickr

Darth Vader Pumpkin Carving

Darth Vader Halloween Pumpkin by reynolds.james.e

Photo by reynolds.james.e on Flickr

“Tux” Linux Mascot Pumpkin Carving

Linux Halloween Pumpkin Carving by robby-T

Photo by robby-T on Flickr

Transformers Pumpkin Carving

Transformers Halloween Pumpkin by st3rn1

Photo by st3rn1 on deviantART

What’s your favorite one?

BONUS: This one was sent by one of our readers, Rosie.

Rosie's Pumpkin 1

Rosie's Pumpkin 2

Rosie's Pumpkin 3

Rosie's Pumpkin 4