Futurama tells the story of a dim witted Fry, a delivery boy from the year 2000 who due to his obvious smarts manages to get himself frozen for 1000 years. When defrosted, he meets Bender, a reckless alcoholic robot and a strong one eyed woman, Leela. They all work for a mad and senile professor who sends them in dangerous missions  for the delivery company.

Futurama Crew- Leela, Fry and Bender

Photo from akae

But besides delighting us with its plots and characters, the cartoon series has been a source of creative subtitles. In each and every episode’s trailer there was a very witty subtitle that described Matt Groening and David X’s sitcom. Some are related to the real life events that influenced the streaming of the episodes (See you on some other channelRebirth, Reincarnation were all related to the fact that the sitcom was moved from FOX to Comedy Central) while others are just plain funny and (Bigfoot’s choice, Beats a hard kick in the face, We’re following you, but not on Twitter).

The video below shows the first four season’s subtitles who are equally entertaining.


And because there was no list of the subtitles from seasons 5 and 6, here are the subtitles from the last 2 seasons.


Known to cause insanity to laboratory mice

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Disclaimer: Any Resemblance to Actual Robots would be really cool

Or is it?

Bigfoot’s choice

Soon to be a major religion

Now interactive! Joystick controls Fry’s left ear

Dancing space potatoes? You bet!

A by-product of the TV industry

Beats a hard kick in the face

Voted “BEST”

Too hot for radio

Controlling you through a chip in your butt since 1999

See you on some other channel


Apply directly to the eyes

There will be a test

Dictated but not read

Put on 3D monocle now

Made you look!

If you don’t Watch it, someone else will

Or similar product

This time, it’s personal

What happens in Cygnus X-1 stays in Cygnus X-1

Two scoops of pixels in every scene

Time Travelers: Only 331 shopping days ’till last Xmas

Provides a full day’s supply of vitamin F!

Others ask, “What if?” We ask, “Why if.”

#1 most viewed show among viewbots

For the sophisticated shut-in

No refunds

Penetrates even the thickest foil hat

Apply viewing oil now

Featuring Sparky, the invisible elf

The one bright spot in your life

It’s tentacular

We’re following you, but not on Twitter

Soon to be a hit television show


With all this being written there is just one more thing left to settle: do you like these subtitles? Which and why? Or do you simply think they’re gibberish and annoying?