Drew Fairweather (born 1979) has been posting his manually drawn comics on the web since 2002 and has gathered an impressive collection of over 3,000 drawings. If you like other webcomics that have achieved Internet fame, such as xkcd or Cyanide and Happiness, these funny truisms are for you.

Drew Toothpaste Solitude

Drew Toothpaste History of Concerts

Drew Toothpaste Fill My Cup

Drew Toothpaste Hangover Mornings

Drew Toothpaste College Classhole

A new drawing is posted every day at 12:01 AM, EST. Each comic features small, simple drawings, paired with short captions or dialogue. The style of humor on Toothpaste for Dinner encompasses surrealism, irony, social commentary, cynicism, and schadenfreude*, among other sub-types of humor.

Drew Toothpaste Shitty Comments

Drew Toothpaste Pdf

Drew Toothpaste Passive Aggressive Coffee

Drew Toothpaste Heh Music

Drew Toothpaste Diet Exercise

Drew Toothpaste Panhandling

Talented in all artistic spectrums, Drew works under many names. Drew Toothpaste, Toothpaste for Dinner, Andreas K, Kompressor,  Dog Traders and Crudbump, all of them, in fact, just “doing sh*t”, as he claims.

So who is this American Confucius with a post-modern sense of humor? With his flamboyant Dalí-like mustache and pronounced baldness he might not be the most sympathized person by Internet prudes, but luckily he was born in Ohio, not in China and he can actually make a living out of sharing his wisdom with us (so does his wife).

Drew is also quite the sampling master, you can actually listen to his songs and download them from iTunes. His still ongoing YouTube series, most of the time accompanied by his own audio compositions, is also a delight to watch. That, of course, if you have a good stomach and a very sharp sense of humor.

* Schadenfreude = a German word for pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others.

For more comics visit Toothpastefordinner.com.

Featured image from Drew Toothpaste’s Facebook page.