Get the Halloween spirit into your heart with a few sitcoms that are very appropriate for a Halloween night! Some were designed to be freaky, others freak you out just for Halloween.  Pick your favorite and start the marathon.


Grimm is a new show that tells the story of the descendants of the Grimm brothers whose tales weren’t fiction at all. Their writing were actually depictions of things that really happened and served as documentations for centuries for those hunting down all those creatures. David, one of the last Grimms alive is a police officer who finds out the grueling truth of people’s true forms and doesn’t know what to make of them until his aunt comes by for a visit.

Ugly Americans

A sitcom from 2010 where you can see a darker side of the US. Literally. Demons, zombies and a dozen other creatures roam around in New York peacefully… or not so peacefully. There’s a lot of carnage and murder going on and it’s all fairly natural. Everyone had his or her own path: Mark is a human in a relationship with Satan’s daughter, Callie who is coincidentally focusing on bringing around the end of days and has a zombie roommate who is willing to do everything that moves.

True Blood

Is a sitcom produced by HBO and tells the story of Sookie Stakehouse, a young waitress that discovers that her little hometown is creepier than she thought. Serial killers, myriads, vampires, werewolves, shape shifters and wiccans take turns in overthrowing the otherwise peaceful environment.

Tales from the Crypt

If you want some old school spooks, go for this show. This show has a rather unique host: the crypt keeper is a small corpse that introduces every gory episode. If you leave all the blood and paranormal activities aside, you will find that the episodes are filled with lessons in morals and ethics.


Supernatural is one of the shows that was designed to be freaky. It tells the story of Sam and Dean Winchester who are searching for their father, who hasn’t returned from a hunt. In their path of searching to unveil the demon that murdered their mother, they kill all demons that torment people.

The Simpsons Halloween Specials

One of the most beloved cartoons created by Mat Groening  has made a tradition out of their Halloween specials. The Treehouses of Horror have become an event Simpsons fans everywhere are looking forward to every year. Murders and aliens, mutants and mysteries all wrapped up in the Simpsons’s yellow is coming out tonight. Before you leave your house, make sure you’ve seen the 22nd Treehouse of Horror.

If you’re too old for trick or treating, crouch in a comfy chair or sofa and enjoy a sitcom marathon that will entertain and scare you. Happy Halloween everyone!

Featured image from alwayshalloween