Family drama, funny cat videos, Justin Bieber…you can say that YouTube is pretty offertory. Surfing around the above mentioned cat videos I found some nice 10 seconds videos presenting every day drama. And now, who can refuse some small douse of entertainment a day?

Anna Akana and Deirdre Devlin, two lovely ladies created their channel in March 2011 and since then, they gathered around 700.000 views, a couple thousand fans and more than 60 videos. They basically put on videos “real life” stories from FMyLife. Think a bit about your latest fail. Now watch 30 seconds of those videos and realize there can be so much worst.

The whole idea is to keep it short, so in less than 1 minute I present you the full first 5 episodes.

For future entertainment just a sneak preview of the stories from FML :

Today, this weird girl started texting me. I really didn’t want to talk to her, so I texted back, “This message could not be delivered because of a temporery network setup error She replied, “You spelt temporary wrong.”

Today, my brother in law got into a fight with my husband. My pregnant sister was yelling at her husband to stop beating my husband up. When I came into the room, I asked why they were fighting. You’ll never guess who the real father of my sister’s baby is.

Today, my son thought it was a good idea to spray deodorant into his mouth because he wanted fresh breath. This resulted in him passing out.My son is 17.

Today, I listened as my ridiculously wealthy friend excitedly rambled on and on about her latest shopping trip.This is the same friend who owes me £150, and accused me of being insensitive for asking her to repay it at some point.

Today, I got called for a job interview.I didn’t catch where it was, and in my excitement I forgot to ask. I now have no idea where I’m being interviewed.

Don’t forget, traumas are produced twice a week, every Tuesday and Thursday.

Bonus video : Inside the Writer’s Room

Featured Image from FML blog