The Google X facility – Google’s secret research lab where highly innovative technologies are being developed, as the New York Times reports, has been brilliantly imagined in an animated version by

Situated in an undisclosed location, hidden in the Bay Area, with its very existence under the sign of heavy speculations, the facility secretly hosts most remarkable scientists from companies like Microsoft, Nokia, or top educational institutions such as MIT or Stanford.

Either real or just a rumor, the facility promises on developing projects that seem like taken from a future world. Space elevators, driverless cars or remotely controlled home appliances are just a few of the ideas being brought to life in the off the grid Google X Labs. Moreover, many of the ideas envisioned expand in the fields of robotics and artificial intelligence.

As uncertain as it may be, the idea of a Google lab planning such revolutionary developments is enough for the imagination to run wild. And that is exactly what happened in’s portrayal of this facility.

So, where does Google get its ideas? That of course, if the so called ‘secret lab’ even exists.

Featured image by Cory Doctorow on Flickr