Jimmy Walles Appeal

Yes, it is that time of the year again. The time when we see the face of the man that made copy-paste web articles possible asking us for money. Why? Because he knows that you don’t like porn pop-ups when you look up something on Wikipedia. Since this advertising stunt was first used it generated a big wave of responses. Old or new they are still hilarious.

Jimmy Wales Everywhere

Photo from pichars.org

Jimmy Walles Beatles

Photo from @yesthatkarim

Jimmy Wales Watching You Poop

Photo fromĀ  Kyle and Friends

And when the memes end, the Twitter chatter starts :

Jimmy Wales Face On Business Cards

Jimmy Wales face on the Beatles

Jimmy Wales and Motorhead

Jimmy Wales and Headshots

Jimmy Wales Shabbier

Jimmy Wales Stares In Your Soul

Jimmy Wales Seems Naked

Jimmy Wales On a Dating Site

Jimmy Wales And the Cult Of Wilderness

Featured Image and Appeal Banner from Wikipedia