Things in Guiness Book of Records are getting bigger and bigger and with so many gigantic things, our world is getting smaller and smaller. So we try to compensate by making enormous musical instruments. However, besides breaking a world record, is there any point to it? Fame and glory set aside, why are we doing these things?

Of course there are challenges when building a huge musical instrument, but except for the possibility of breaking a record what purpose does it serve? Where will it be deposited? Who will play it?

Phew, now we know that if Gulliver ever comes to visit, he’ll have a violin or piano he could play.

But why not make something more than just a gigantic musical instrument? Why not create a synesthetic experience for all the people to feel rather than just see? Wouldn’t you like to actually be able to experience music, to get to its very core?

Now you can enjoy the full extent of the Portuguese guitar and its music. You can listen, feel, touch and learn a thing or two about it due to the man in the video below. He was the one who build an entire museum out of a guitar which is not just an enormous and lucrative object for the owner, it’s part of the tourist attraction in the region.

It’s 8 meters long and weights 4 tonnes. Everything is handmade and you can really see the insights of a Portuguese guitar. Though, it’s more likely that you will see the insides of it. It’s easy to disassemble, and it gives you the opportunity to see beyond its size.

Maybe if more museums gave a full experience rather than just a display, they’d be more appealing for a larger number of people.

Featured photo from by Jsome1 on Flickr