Each year the mountains that were full of green get covered with a white blanket of snow. And this white blanket has given man so many ways to have fun and get his adrenaline pumping. But nothing beats the state of exhilaration that snowboarding and skiing gives you.

Alone or with your friends, doing a line of pure speed and agility down the powdery slopes or dropping from the edge of the mountain, the experience is almost indescribably beautiful. It is a sensation that no video or song can do justice, but we hope that these videos will convince you to give it a try.

Attack of La NiƱa .

[vimeo width=”594″ ]http://vimeo.com/26021718[/vimeo]

Lex Deux Alpes.

[vimeo width=”594″ ]http://vimeo.com/32742622[/vimeo]

Snow Territory.

[vimeo width=”594″ ]http://vimeo.com/28004361[/vimeo]

Surfing my snow.

[vimeo width=”594″ ]http://vimeo.com/23378656[/vimeo]

Fantastic Lines in Japan.

[vimeo width=”594″ ]http://vimeo.com/19042879[/vimeo]

Let it die.

[vimeo width=”594″ ]http://vimeo.com/1687096[/vimeo]

Powder Mountain Perspective

[vimeo width=”594″ ]http://vimeo.com/3155182[/vimeo]


[vimeo width=”594″ ]http://vimeo.com/1205513[/vimeo]

Supersesh Winch Session.

[vimeo width=”594″ ]http://vimeo.com/1305586[/vimeo]

This is my winter. (full movie)

[vimeo width=”594″ ]http://vimeo.com/31572650[/vimeo]

December is upon us and the winter season has begun. Maybe you won’t do that many flips and tricks on the first ride on the slope, but you won’t regret putting on those boots.

Featured image from GoOdz on deviantART.