Globes, garlands, reindeers or stars. Christmas decorations haven’t changed that much over the years. That doesn’t mean that we have to satisfy our desire to decorate with just buying them. One of the simplest methods to make your own Christmas decorations has always been the art of paper-folding: Origami.

Each time when we think about origami, we think about cranes, flowers or some other curious forms made of colored paper, but we can use the same technique to create so many beautiful decorations and at the same time to spend some quality time with our loved ones.

To begin, make sure you have the following required items: scissors, normal and colored sheets of origami paper and lots of patience.

Let’s start:

Christmas Standing Tree

Required sheets of paper: 2-3 green or white, 1 brown ;

Santa Card Stand Holder

Required sheets of paper: 1 red;

Wreath with Leaves

Required sheets of paper: 8 green (one side to have the dual color effect); optional : scissors.

Snowflake Coaster

Required sheets of paper: 3 dark blue, 3 ocean blue (one side to have the dual color effect);


Required sheets of paper: 1 red, 1 white ( or whatever colour you want); scissors.

Santa Claus

Required sheets of paper: 2 red;

Candy Box

Required sheets of paper: 1 dark green, 1 yellow

Candy Cane/Wreath

Required sheets of paper: red, white, dark green, light green ( you will need 1-2 of each, but depending on the size of the finished it may vary); Scissors are needed.


Required sheets of paper: any colour you like; the quantity depends on the length.

Snow Crystal

Required sheets of paper: 4 dark blue, 4 light blue; glue is needed.

Five Pointed Falling Star

Required sheets of paper: 1 yellow;

Tree Fairy

Required sheets of paper: 1 of any colour you like;

Evidently these are just some of the many origami decorations you can create, you can always let your creativity go wild and experiment with different ideas. We’d be happy to read about your creations in the comments.

Featured Image from smooshmasterflex on Flickr.