The boho style is here to stay, after having been risen to popularity by the Spring Summer 2012 collections of many iconic designers and by the ‘It Girls’ like Sienna Miller, Olsen twins or Kate Moss. While the makeup trends flaunted by them can easily be replicated by using Olay cosmetics, clothing of boho style craze is all about flowing long maxi dresses, over sized cardigans and fringe boho bags. Read below about the top 6 accessories you could carry to adopt the very “in” Bohemian babe trend:

Feather earrings

Bohemian feather earrings 2012 fashion trendPhoto from Etsy

For perfect boho babe look feather earrings work wonders. Try and get your hands on light peach feather earrings for a discrete and romantic look during the day. For an evening look, feather earrings give perfect gypsy glamor. To further add glamor to the look you could prefer the oxidized silver throughout with Swarovski crystal detailing.

Beaded sandals

Bohemian beaded sandals fashion trend 2012Photo from Etsy

Beaded sandals make you look funky, fun and hip and are also comfortable. It would not be wrong to say that this fashion accessory is the true essence of Bohemian style. For the perfect ‘Coachella Music Festival’ look try denim cut-offs, cute and vibrant crochet top, vibrant color bangles and black leather beaded sandals.

Long and flowing boho dress

Long flowing maxi dress makes you look effortless and cool. The floral print flowing dress with three-quarter sleeves are a must-have for a perfect boho look. You could also try pastels, warm colors and other floral motifs, all in transparent, lightweight materials. Don’t forget to accessorize accordingly.

Lace & bloomers

Bohemian gauze and lace dress fashion trend 2012Photo from Etsy

Lace is officially back for 2012. Either we’re talking about lace blouses, skirts, dresses or even bloomers, floral lace-cotton gauze in earthy color makes perfect for a comfortable yet chic outfit. Team-up lace bloomers with light-wash denims and brown sandals. This will surely make you look stunning as boho-babe.

Fringe body bag

Bohemian fringe body bag fashion trend 2012Photo from Etsy

Fringe cross-body bag is an ideal Bohemian trend fashion accessory. Get groovier with 70’s fringe bag. This fashion accessory tops the charts and is preferred by celebs like Vanessa Hudgens. The bag with suede leather exterior and satin lining is surely a perfect pick. To make most of your money, it is best to buy a bag with removable straps to make it a clutch whenever needed.

Sequin trim cape

Bohemian Cape fashion trend 2012Photo from Etsy

Another item which is associated with the boho look is the trim printed cape. These trim capes will help you slide in perfect Bohemian aesthetics. Try and get your hands on oversized-fit cape with asymmetrical hem and dolman three-fourth sleeves. Of course the item has a lot of variations, so for a cool weather you can go with a wool, chocheted or knitted cape.

Although the boho look does not compliment everyone, you could adapt at least one or two items to your personal style to add a more romantic vibe. And who wouldn’t want to go back in time just for a moment?

So, are you with or against the Bohemian comeback for 2012? Which item are you most excited to pull out of your closet?