Have you ever wondered what type of movies make actors cry? Now you have the chance to find out. W Magazine recently sat down with Hollywood’s biggest stars and asked them a simple question: What movie made you cry? A lot of celebrities answered, including James Franco, Mila Kunis, Colin Firth, Javier Bardem and Julianne Moore.

Clooney proved once again he is indeed funny, ending his answer with a witty remark. ‘I’ll tell you the last time I really cried was at the premiere of ‘Batman and Robin.’ They were real tears because I realized that that might be the end of my career and I might have brought down the franchise along with it’, Clooney said, laughing.

Some of the celebrities also had some odd choices. For example, Colin Firth confessed he cried at ‘Dumbo’. Also, Brad Pitt says he’s not much of a crier when it comes to movies, but ‘How To Train a Draggon’ did get him.

Melissa McCarthy, famous mostly for her roles in comedies, admits she cried at ‘Up’, which even now makes her weepy. Shailene Woodley, known for her role in ‘The Secret Life of the American Teenager’ and, more recently, for ‘The Descendants’,  also picked an animation – ‘Wall-E’. ‘Wall-E was really emotional in my opinion. Just the aspect of the environment and humans, and the way we kinda have neglected our planet. I think that’s a really sad scenario’, she said.

Check out the video below and go to W’s website to see even more confessions from stars like Charlize Theron, Michelle Williams and Antonio Banderas.

What movie makes you cry? Sound off in the comments!