Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and the pressure to get the perfect gift or to create the most romantic atmosphere can be quite stressful. That is why we’ve compiled a list with the best Valentine’s themed episodes that will put you in the mood for this day. And, for those who don’t want to give into the commercialism of this holiday, we have some anti-valentine’s ones as well, filled with blood, guns and so much more.

Mad Men – ‘For Those Who Think Young’

For a lesson in old-school romance, you have to see this episode. Despite their marriage problems, Don is going all out with a romantic dinner at the Savoy Hotel. The looks, the subtle touches and the beautiful music, this is what Valentine’s Day is all about. Just try to refrain from all the cigarettes and scotch.

Chuck – ‘Chuck Versus the Masquerade’

The show beloved by nerds everywhere might be over, but you can always reminisce with a heartwarming Valentine’s Day episode. In Chuck Versus the Masquerade, Chuck and Sarah have big plans for this holiday including strawberries, a funny T-shirt and a very sexy angel costume. However, their plans are interrupted by a new mission to save the life of a young woman. All that while attending a masquerade ball in England.

Glee – ‘Silly Love Songs’

For all those head over heels in love, or just in love with this holiday, this episode of Glee is just what the doctor ordered. You have couples in love, stolen kisses and big crushes and, of course, a ton of love songs. Moreover, if you need some inspiration for your Valentine’s Day playlist just get the show’s soundtrack for a romantic night with your better half.

Community – ‘Early 21st Century Romanticism’

What is more romantic than two guys fighting for a girl on Valentine’s? However, when those guys are Abed and Troy, this holiday becomes very amusing. Also, Britta tries to make a new friend and Jeff is forced to host a party with Professor Duncan. Whose going to get the girl and will Abed and Troy’s friendship survive? Watch this hilarious episode and start thinking about your Valentine’s plans.

Grey’s Anatomy -‘ Valentine’s Day Massacre’

Our favorite doctors at Seattle Grace Hospital try to celebrate Valentine’s Day like any other regular couple. But when the roof of a restaurant caves in, the doctors will rather spend this romantic holiday elbows deep in surgeries and drama. So, for those who would prefer to see some bloody body parts instead of candy hearts, you will love this episode.

30 Rock – ‘Anna Howard Shaw Day’

Those of you who don’t really feel up to celebrate this romantic holiday, can always get a page from Liz Lemon’s book. In the episode entitled Anna Howard Shaw Day, she schedules a root canal, so she won’t have to spend the holiday alone. Meanwhile, Jenna also has a not so romantic day, when her stalker stops following her, and Jack meets Avery, who will later become the mother of his child.

Supernatural – ‘My Bloody Valentine’

Even though this episode has a Cupid and a lot of people in love, don’t be fulled by all the romanticism. The Winchester brothers are still on the hunt. And this time they are actually going for Cupid himself, who is not exactly the baby in diapers we all know, but an almost naked annoying guy who likes to hug people… a lot.  Don’t worry, there’s also a lot of blood, gore and scary moments to go around.

Bones – ‘The Bikini in the Soup’

Those who don’t like to celebrate Valentine’s Day will find some interesting ideas to spend February the 14th, in this delightful season 6 episode. Just try to avoid tanning beds. After solving another grisly murder in a timely fashion, every squint has romantic plans for Valentine’s, except Booth and Bones. Paying homage to Saint Valentine’s Day massacre, the duo spends the evening at the shooting range trying out some old-school machine guns. Now those are some fun plans!

These are our picks for best Valentine’s Day themed episode. Of course, if these are not enough you can always choose from the brand new crop of episodes. You might want to check out New Girl, 30 Rock or Happy Endings for some fun moments.

Featured image from gryffindoor on Tumblr