Valentine’s Day usually makes people cheesy and sometimes you find yourself saying you are better off without all this fairy tale celebrations of love. But what if you decide to transform your post-Valentine-weekend intro a cultural-erotic trip in Europe? Below you’ll find a hot list of beautiful European cities, all proudly possessing great architecture, cultural spirit, night life and… a sex museum. For ideas, information and relaxing holiday check them out.

1. Amsterdam

Sex Museum Amsterdam

Sexmuseum auto-declared itself “the world’s first and oldest sex museum”. The “Venustempel” (temple of Venus) offers visitors a vast collection of sexual objects, from the 17th century to present days. Opened in 1985, the philosophy behind it was that “the most natural thing in the world” is probably also “the most historically well-documented thing in the world”, and visitors loved it. So from one single display, it grew to the three floor building from today. If you don’t really have time to get there, I suggest you at least take a look at the web-site, a 3D tour is available.

Photo by Shadowgate on Flickr

 2. Barcelona

Erotic Museum Barcelona

Museu de l’erotica was created in the heart of Barcelona with the intention of being a center of didactic information. It hosts around 800 items, covering different thematics like the ancient civilizations, Indians, European erotic illustrations or sadomasochism.

Photo by wonker on Flickr

3. Berlin

Beate Uhse Erotic Museum Berlin

Beate Uhse-Rotermund was a German pilot and entrepreneur, the only female stunt pilot in Germany in the 1930s, and after WW2 she started the first sex shop in the world.  So, in Berlin, you can find the biggest thematic museum in Europe, having around 5000 items exhibit covering sexuality from all over the world:  from Japanese Shunga art to Beate’s personal (and not so private) corner. Beate Uhse Erotic Museum is probably the most “applied” sexual museum. It can answers questions like: “What are the benefits of having sex regularly?” “Where are the G-spots?” “Does size matter?” “How to give a sensual massage?”.

Photo by Arcadius on Flickr

4. Paris

Even located in Pigalle, in a former cabaret building , Le Musée de l’erotism  de Paris is a very serious and respectable museum. Since its opening in 1977, it has hosted a vast collection of erotic art and artefacts, divided among permanent exhibitions and temporary collections of art and pornography.

5. Prague

Sex Machines Museum Prague

Prague is a city that has it all. I must admit, this is a bit too much for my taste, but for the ones into more playful stuff, Sex Machines Museum may give some interesting ideas. Three floors of more that 200 sexual objects, designed to bring pleasure, and “allow extraordinary and unusual positions during intercourse”, collection of old erotic films and eccentric erotic clothing.

Photo by barb_ar on Flickr

6. Saint Petersburg

Erotica Museum is opened since 2004 and claims to have exhibit the preserved penis of the one and only Rasputin. If you consider Saint Petersburg as a destination in your quest of  finding the  story of “The Mad Monk”, the relationship with the Tsarina or the unholy sexual practices he used to do in the name of healing the sick son of the Tsar Nicholas I, then stop by and admire him in all his nudity. It is said to be 30 cm long.

Photo from Mad Monarchist