As summer still seems so far away, it’s only fair to search for ways to cheer up and keep warm. And what’s better than looking at some gorgeous men riding motorcycles, beating each other up and whispering sweet nothings into a random chick’s ear? The fact they’re all famous actors can only be a plus.

Jesse Williams in Russian Roulette (Rihanna)

Williams, the lovely Avery from ‘Grey’s Anatomy‘ we all know and love, plays a dangerous game with Rihanna in the video for ‘Russian Roulette’. Being a bad boy for a change suits him perfectly, don’t you think?

Stephen Dorff in Everytime (Britney Spears)

Oh Britney, why would you fight with such a gorgeous man? Sure, he may have a temper, but look at those abs.

Keanu Reeves in Rush rush (Paula Abdul)

I would certainly rush to see Reeves in a car race.  Or a tricycle race. Or a dance recital. Or pretty much wherever he would want me.

Johnny Depp in  It’s a Shame About Ray (The Lemonheads)

For the record, Depp also appears in ‘Into The Great Wide Open‘ by Tom Petty, but I picked this one because he looks hotter. And now that I think about it, he looked hot even with scissors instead of hands, so who am I to judge.

Ben Affleck in Jenny From the Block (Jennifer Lopez)

I’ve never been a fan of Ben Affleck’s acting skills, but I’ve always loved this video. And the way he looks in that white tank top.

David Boreanaz in White Flag (Dido)

The song was released in 2003, back when Boreanaz was going as Angel, one of the first hot vampires on TV. He’s still got it, but he now plays a fearless FBI agent on ‘Bones’.

George Clooney in She’s Just Killing Me (ZZ Top)

This song is on the soundtrack on ‘From Dusk till Dawn’, so we also get to see Clooney in the music video. No complaints here.

Robert Downey Jr. in I Want Love (Elton John)

It’s rarely sexy to hear a man telling you he’s ‘dead in places’ and ‘carries too much baggage’, but when the words seem to come out of Downey Jr.’s mouth somehow aren’t so bad anymore.

Zac Efron in Say Ok (Vanessa Hudgens)

In order to appeal to the younger demographics as well, here we have the adorable Zac Efron bowling, dinning, driving and hanging out at the beach.

Adrian Grenier in (You Drive Me) Crazy (Britney Spears)

Long before starring in ‘Entourage’, Grenier made a short appearance in this video, promoting his movie ‘Drive Me Crazy’, alongside Melissa Joan Hart. He makes a cute bartender.

Josh Holloway in Cryin’ (Aerosmith)

Sure, he appears only for a short time in this music video and gets beaten up by a girl, but Holloway was so hot on ‘Lost’ that it would have been a shame not to include him on this list.

Matt LeBlanc in Miracle (Jon Bon Jovi)

The actor also appeared in ‘Night Moves‘ by Bob Seger if you just can’t get enough.

Wenworth Miller in It’s Like That and We Belong Together (Mariah Carey)

The two videos were shot at the same time and tell a story. Miller’s smile makes Mariah run away from her wedding with him. Can’t say I don’t understand.

Julian McMahon in This Is It (Danii Minogue)

The two were married at the time for a very brief period. At least they got a video out of it. Which makes me miss summer even more.

Alexander Skarsgård in Paparazzi (Lady Gaga)

Gaga sure knows how to pick them. I truly believe that lying in bed with the gorgeous Swedish actor should be on every woman’s bucket list.

Jake Gyllenhaal in Giving Up The Gun (Vampire Weekend)

This video is the proof that Gyllenhaal is handsome even when unshaven, boozed up and psychotic. He also gets hit in the ass with a tennis ball.

Adrien Brody in A Sorta Fairytale (Tori Amos)

Ok, so Brody literally plays a hand with a head in this video. But his eyes, his lips, his hair, the ear-whispering. Try to get over the severed limb aspect of the story and you should be fine. Spoiler alert: he gets his whole body back in the end. Thank God!

Milo Ventimiglia in Big Girls Don’t Cry (Fergie)

Shirtless, tattooed and holding a guitar – what more could you wish for from the ‘Heroes’ actor?

Ian Somerhalder in Blind Love (Dima Bilan)

The lovely dead guy from ‘Lost’ and now undead in ‘Vampire Diaries’ proves he cleans up nicely and can rock a tux for this Russian music video. Also, he fights like there’s no  tomorrow. I may not understand the words, but I surely enjoy the view. That Nina Dobrev is one lucky girl.

Now let’s hear it: who of the lovely boys above is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

Featured photo by gravityartbitch on Tumblr