First of all, when you think of German women you don’t think of humour. Most of the time you don’t even think of good looks for that matter, although there are great exceptions. But a certain 38 year old from Berlin makes all these prejudices shatter.

Starting off working in radio, then parodying Heidi Klum and Angela Merkel on German TV, Martina Hill is now also an Internet hit, especially since these sketches have leaked out. The great thing is that most of the time you don’t even need to know German to understand her talent.

And here’s the necessary translation from a kind YouTube user for this one:

Right girl: Talking about increased customer contentment *hics*, decreasing accrued liabilities *hics*

0:42 left girl: I’m going to let my tongue slide up your thights and lick your nice pu**y

Right girl: finishing her report.

1:12 Ok, then I would like to come back to your offer, the conference room is available until 4 pm.

Featured image from Martina Hill’s Facebook page