Were you aware that Darth Vader‘s favorite Yoga positions are “Revolved Lunge”, “Reverse Warrior” and “Half Lord of the Fishes”? Well neither was I, but self-entitled writer/artist/world conqueror Rob Osborne was creative enough to imagine this. And much more…

Star Wars Yoga Boba

Star Wars Yoga Vader

Star Wars Yoga princess

Star Wars Yoga Imperial

Star Wars Yoga Droid

Star Wars Yoga Yoda

Star Wars Yoga Poster

Star Wars Yoga Poster 2

Ranging from $13 to $19, posters of the Star Wars Yoga are available to buy on etsy.com. Of course, the money will be added mostly to Osborne’s fund for conquering the world. Because his award-winning graphic novel is called “1000 Steps to World Domination“. And also, by reading the “about” section oh his website, I found out that the Idaho-born Rob Osborne “has been putting his pants on two-legs-at-a-time since 2006”. What a promising young artist!

Pictures from etsy.com.