What would you say if the girl you’ve been with for one week told you that she loved you? That’s not enough time for her to know you to say that, right? Well then what would you say if she tattooed your face on her body? Permanently.

So of course, such stupidity had to spread around all over the Internet and now all sites (even 9gag) have this picture with loads and loads of comments, a lot of them denying that this could be true. Oh, how optimistic of them! Naturally, one would think imbecility of these dimensions would be improbable. But it looks like it’s actually not. The girl is real and for obvious reasons, she’s not really enjoying the fame her act is getting right now. But the boy, on the other hand,¬†whose identity leaked out due to a poster’s negligence, handled the situation honorably and now he’s even enjoying his 15 minutes of fame.

23 year old Austin Knill even decided (not without a sense of guilt, though) to capitalize on this Internet fame, making t-shirts of his face¬†available to buy online. Since, as he openly admitted, he’s overwhelmed with friend requests, why wouldn’t he make some profit out of it after all? Moreover, seeing a post of his on Facebook, I’d definitely recommend him to sell his hand-drawn portrait of singer Adele on t-shirts too. It’s just magnificently accurate.

Girl Gets Tattoo of Guys Face After Only One Week of Dating

Photos from weknowmemes.com.