The fashion week shows for spring/summer 2012 season set the tones to a colorful year from the face make-up to the nails. Colors YES…but soft, delicate and easy to wear. From your complexion, to your eyes, lips and nails, let’s see what you could try out this season and be more colorful and beautiful than ever.

Complexion : Fresh & Natural

The complexion remains worked but fresh and natural. For this look, you need a transparent, natural and luminous aspect, a so-called “Glowy” or “Healthy” effect.

The “glowy” complexion is suitable for normal to dry skin because of the finish, which is slightly glossy transparent. Foundations that work out a glowy complexion include the BB cream (Blemish and Balm cream) that unifies, corrects and gives the skin glow, or the liquid foundations and tinted creams.

On the other hand, the healthy complexion is more suited for normal to oily skin, the finish being more transparent matte in this case. For this type of complexion, you can use the BB cream and ultralight tinted creams as with the glowy complexion but it is essential to add a light dusting golden loose powder in order to mattify the skin and not look like an oily doughnut!


Whether you choose the glowy or healthy complexion, you might want to enhance it and provide a maximum light to it. For this, you might want to add an illuminator. You could go for a liquid illuminator mixed with the foundation or a solid illuminator (stick) to apply in small strokes on the strategic areas of the face, like the forehead, cheekbones, eye brows and Cupid’s bow (little hollow between the nose and upper lip).

Nude Make-up Spring Summer 2012 TrendsPhoto from cascarpellini on tumblr.

The Eyes : Colored & Iridescent

The smokey eyes effect is still in for the season, but this time fresher and more sparkling. To achieve this look, the colors to be used are pastels and iridescent eye-shadows. Depending on your eye color, you can use the following shades: brown eyes will match with green water shades, while green eyes will go with purple shades and blue eyes with apricot shades.

Another must-try for the spring to energize your look are the colored mascaras. For the mascara you can apply the same principle as for the eye-shadows. Each iris will be enhanced by a color, mainly brown eyes with green or chocolate mascara, green eyes with purple or green mascara and blue eyes with chocolate or purple mascara.


If you want your eye-shadows to resist throughout the day, apply a fixing base on the eyelid and then a cream shadow stronger than a dry shadow.

Also, if you want a deeper and intense effect for your mascara, while remaining discreet, you can apply on the eyelashes a first layer of black mascara, then a second layer but this time with a colored mascara only on the peaks.

Spring Summer 2012 Make-up Eye Shadow

Photo from cascarpellini on tumblr

The lips : Candies

The lips will wear coral dress, pink or neutral tones. Of course, you want your lips to be bright and hydrated as much as possible. In this case, you need to choose a gloss or a bright moisturizing lipstick, like the “Le rouge coco shine” from Chanel.

Even though the lips for spring & summer 2012 are soft and in candy colors, in the evening you can still apply an orange or a pink electric lipstick.


You might ask yourself what lipstick colors match your skin color. For starters, neutral lips go for all skin colors. If you want to sublimate golden skins, then coral lips are the answer. Clear skins can go for pink lips.

If you choose to go for flashy lips for the evenings and nights out, then do not wear other make up. Maybe just a really light make-up on your eyes, if you can’t help yourself, but otherwise the effect will be too much.

The nails: Multicolor

To look beautiful and fashionable right up to your nails, you need to stick to pastels colors. You can afford to try out all the colors, as they’re soft, attenuated, and therefore easy to wear. As for the colors in top trends, these include pale pink, absynth green, lilac, yellow, apricot, coral and blue.


Make sure to scrub and nourish your hands and feet before you apply those colors. When it comes to feet, colors can be worn on short nails as well as long nails. Take the opportunity to try it! Finally, don’t forget to apply for the finish a top coat for an ultra bright result.

As you can see, the make-up of this season gives the tone of a colorful year. What do you think of this fresh and tasty trend of the spring & summer 2012? A bit of advice : Dare the color!

Featured photo from australialinlin on DeviantArt.