Whatever the reasons, temperature, age or genetics, we all have our little beauty problems at some point. Skin, hair, nails and other beauty assets may have a loss of power, and when this happens they should be pampered and taken care of in order to be maintained.

Here are few tips for the most common beauty emergencies, so that you can handle them without any problems:

1. Pimples

Sometimes you may notice spots or pimples which appear during the night and when you wake up in the morning it’s a disaster. Do not panic! There are a couple of radical solutions to this problem.

Apply a thick layer of a little piece of melted aspirin tablet on the pimple. This will make the inflammation disappear and the spot volume will be significantly reduced. Also, if you can, in the evening after the cleansing apply some toothpaste in a fairly thick layer. This will dry out the spot over the night.

2. Dark circles

Dark circles are a nightmare for some women, whatever their age. However, there are a few solutions to this. One is to apply onto the eyes 2 cold tea-bags for 10 minutes.  The other one is to place 2 cotton wool pads soaked with decongestive cornflower floral water onto the eyes for 10 minutes as well. The two solutions will be effective on the decongestion of the eyes and will help blood circulation. You will notice that the purple or blue color of the puffiness will disappear.

As a last resort if the tea or the decongestive cornflower floral water does not work very well on you, you can apply WITH GREAT CAUTION an hemorrhoids cream under the eye. The effect will be instantaneous (It’s the little models trick).

3. Chapped Lips & Stained Teeth

Chapped lips also have their secret to look beautiful. Just do a little scrub with large grains of sugar mixed with a few drops of lemon. Following this, apply a nourishing balm. Your lips will be cleared of small dead skin and will get back their dazzling dimension and incredible shine.

Having white teeth is accessible to all women and men! It is essential for you to have a good oral hygiene. This includes regular dental checks every three or four months and a proper daily dental hygiene, including brushing your teeth twice to three times a day.

For those who want a bright shiny smile here’s a trick: brush your teeth with sodium bicarbonate (You can purchase it at a pharmacy). This is ultra effective to restore whiteness to your teeth. You can also make a mouthwash with lemon juice which is a very effective natural anti-stain. But don’t abuse of this trick and just do from time to time because the lemon is very acidic.

4. Face & Bust

Sometimes, the complexion loses its radiance. To remedy this, soak a wool pad into rose water and pass on the entire face and neck. The rose water is refreshing and invigorating and it erases signs of fatigue, cleanses and regenerates the skin. It is also a natural anti-wrinkle.

The bust requires your regular attention in order to avoid loosening of the skin the effect that the breasts fall. To prevent this, make ​​a bath of ice water (A breast in each bowl of ice water for 10 minutes) with each. It will strengthen the skin.

5. Hair & Nails

For beautiful and stronger hair, here are two very handy solutions.  You can try the Brewer’s yeast as a few months treatment (capsules). Another solution to dull, brittle or weakened hair is the argan oil.  It is a restorative  and moisturising oil that protects both hair and skin. Before shampooing, spread the argan oil on the whole hair from root to tips, gently massage and brush the hair to distribute the product. Then take in a warm towel and wrap your hair for 20 minutes. Afterwards, wash your hair with your usual shampoo and rinse well.

Nails can be strengthened and bleached simply by rubbing with lemon.

6. Weak Eyelashes

Do you have thin or weak eyelashes that sometimes fall? Massage the flush of your lashes with your fingers lightly coated with olive oil every night before going to bed. Your lashes will get back their flexibility and holding.

7. Skin

Maintaining your skin beautiful can be difficult. The argan oil is once again your friend. This particular oil fights against aging and helps cicatrize acne scars or other small wounds. For a soft and moisturized skin here are the steps to follow. Start with a mild scrub to avoid irritating the skin, apply the argan oil on the face and neck and leave it on for 15 minutes. Then remove the excess of argan oil using a wool pad soaked in orange blossom water or rose water.

To maintain or correct their beauty, women around the world of past ages were able to pass on their secrets. Let’s make a good use of these effective tricks to help us in our daily beauty!

Featured photo from thingsthatcheermeup.wordpress.com