Fashion is about more than just the latest clothes to hit the catwalks. Fashion is a vital indicator of the times we live in. It acts like a mirror held up to the society that creates it. Whether it is a deliberate act or simply an organic process is debatable, but what is for sure is the fact that fashion is much more than a few designers dictating what we wear.

Fashion through the years

Look at fashion over the years. The roaring 20s with short skirts and Art Deco styling gave way to the even more extravagant 30s. After that, the war interrupted and fashion became a lot more austere as necessity replaced experimentation.

1930 Fashion History of Fashion

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This was a theme that continued into the formal and staid 50s. It was the era of the two-piece suit and conservative colors. Then in the 60s, the cultural revolution came and blew away the cobwebs of conservatism. All of a sudden, fashion was about short skirts, bold colors and patterns.

The 70s followed the theme but introduced its own range of fashion icons. The 60s might have had the miniskirt but the 70s had the flared jean, an equally important and lasting contribution to the fashion world.

Vintage Fashion - The History of fashion

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The 80s brought shoulder pads and power dressing. Joan Collins became a fashion icon whilst aged in her fifties, showing that older women could be just as glamorous.

The 90s were unusual in that it seemed to be an era that fashion forgot. There was no distinct look of the 90s that stands out – but perhaps this was the break designers needed to gather their thoughts before unleashing their new creations on us in the 00s.

The past decade and the future

The new millennium saw a swing towards retro. Flares were back, as was the maxi dress. Recycled old looks were dragged into the modern era and given a contemporary twist.

It has been a long and exciting journey for ladies clothing over the past 100 years. Fashion has changed with the times. It has produced some timeless designs that will always radiate style and elegance and some creations that we would all rather forget.

Timeless fashion - The History of fashion

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But then, that’s the point – fashion is who we are at any one time in out lives.

We might look back on photos and ask ourselves what we were thinking. But it wasn’t just us at the time – it was everyone. That’s the power of fashion. Who knows where it will go next?